Friday, 3 February 2012

Vitali Melnikov: The Chief of Chukotka - Начальник Чукотки (1966)

Director: Vitali Melnikov
Writers: Vladimir Valutskiy, V. Viktorov
Stars: Mikhail Kononov, Aleksei Gribov, Gennadi Danzanov

Patriotic young man ends up in the on Chukotka right after the civil war, where he intends to spread ideas of justice and equality among the natives. As it happens, instead he learns the local capitalist ways, and he starts profitable fur trading with US, Japanese and other merchants. In the process, he made an enormous sum of money over $ 1 million dollars. Once his outpost is attacked by the Bandits, he runs away and ends up in Alaska Border Station. In order to protect $ 1 Million USD, he travels all over the world, and ends up in Russia (with the $ 1 M intact). ...

You can watch the movie here.

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