Friday, 20 April 2012

Russia in Tribeca Film Fest

A Russian film maker, Alexei Fedorchenko, has flown to New York, where the international 2012 Tribeca Film Festival opened on April 18th . He wants to present his new work to the New York audience.

Fedorchenko has already taken part in the world film forums. Moreover, his films, including the mystic film “Pervye na lune” (“First on the Moon”) and the ethno-psychological drama “Ovsyanki” (“Silent Souls”) were awarded medals at the Venice Film Festival. To become a participant of the Tribeca Film Festival, the Russian film director had to pass a serious contest regarding the selection of ideas. The organizers, after they decided to draw up a special project - an international almanac - sent a certain concept to many film directors in many countries. Although the concept was that of hooliganism and extravagance, it served as an attraction for film makers, Alexei Fedorchenko said in an interview with the Voice of Russia several minutes before flying to New York.

"The authors of the above-mentioned concept have put forward about 30 proposals, and some of them were very funny. For example, one character is named Mickey Mouse, and another one wears shoes for step dancing. And one more thing here. In accordance with this concept, the main character should lack one tooth. All these clauses are funny but they give boost to your fantasy," Alexei Fedorchenko says.

Thus, having used his fantasy - extraordinary at times, judging by his former works - in full measure, Alexei won the contest! By the way, American Harmony Korine and a film maker from Poland, Jan Kwiecinski, have also become the participants of the international almanac “The Fourth Dimension”. They both have presented their 30 to 40-minute short stories. Fedorchenko’s short story is titled “Khronoglaz”.

"This is a short story about a scientist who has invented a time machine - the so-called “eye of the time”, or “khronoglaz”. Besides, there is a love story there – the personal love story of that scientist."

Fedorchenko shows us an evident looser who is trying to find a day in his past when he was happy but his attempt proves a failure.

In this year’s programme of the Tribeca Film Festival Alexei Fedorchenko is the only Russian taking part. There is one more film - “Russian Winter” that was made by a Swedish film maker, Petter Ringbom. It is about the concert tour of the well-known American singer John Forte in Russia.

The Tribeca Film Festival came into being 11 years ago, and over the past 11 years Russian film makers have never been the winners. However, Russian film goers show a great deal of interest in the Tribeca Film Festival – the festival of author’s cinema – that was established by the prominent Hollywood actor and film director Robert De Niro in commemoration of the September tragedy of 2001 in New York. The almanac “The Fourth Dimension” will be shown at the Moscow International Film Festival this summer. ...

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