Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Russian film to be screened at Tribeca Film Fest

The film Chronoeye by Russian director Alexey Fedorchenko is part of the program of the Tribeca Film Festival which is opening in New York on Wednesday.

Chronoeye is the story of a Russian time traveler whose expectations for seeing the past stifle his ability to live in the present.

Among 89 films on the program is The Russian Winter by Swedish director Petter Ringbom, which chronicles a concert tour of Russia made by American singer John Forte after he served a 7-year sentence in prison for storing drugs.

The Tribeca Film Festival which was founded in 2002 by actor and director Robert De Niro to stimulate the recovery of Manhattan after the 9/11 attacks has acquired widespread popularity and become an annual event of particular significance on the world cultural calendar. TASS

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