Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Mirror Film Festival: commemorating Andrei Tarkovsky

The 6th International Mirror film festival dedicated to the prominent Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky will be under way in his native Ivanovo region from May 29 to June 3.

 This year’s festival is marking the 80th anniversary of the grand film maker, the 50th anniversary of his legendary Ivan’s Childhood movie and 40th anniversary of his 1972 Cannes-winning Solaris. According to polls, Solaris is still among the world’s top fantasy films.

This anniversary year requires special events so the organizers of the festival attempted to invite all film makers somehow related to Tarkovsky and his legacy, says the head of the festival, a film reviewer Andrey Plahkov. The organizers invited Turkey’s Nuri Ceylan, Mexico’s Carlos Reygadas and Russia’s Alexander Sokurov and Andrey Zvyagintsev. These directors are still loyal to art house cinema amid mass film industry. Andrey Plakhov promised an extensive program this year

"This year’s festival will be culturally and cinematically diverse. This is done to feel the energy of contemporary cinema that was largely based on Tarkovsky’s works. We are having a special “In the Context of Tarkovsky” program featuring films somehow linked to the director -earlier we showed his favorite films, movies of his time and world classics. But we are running out of such films and thus wanted to include works by contemporary masters that were interrelated with Tarkovsky’s legacy."

The abovementioned directors agree that Tarkovsky has played a big role in their creative development and his influence can be seen in their films-they are not imitations but creative interpretations of Tarkovsky’s legacy, a kind of tribute to the director.

The main competition will feature movies from Europe, Asia, South and North America, says Andrei Plakhov.

"We put a special accent on Latin America selecting movies from Brazil, Chile and Argentine, as it’s a very vibrant region. We also focused on South East Asia as Tarkovsky loved the Asian culture and was closely tied with it throughout his life."

Russia is represented by Sergey Loznitsa’s In the Fog that has recently been awarded with the FIPRESCI prize in Cannes.

All participants will also enjoy picturesque Ivanono landscapes as for the first time they will be staying in the city of Plyos –a beautiful Volga town that was frequented by artists and creative people since 19th century.


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