Saturday, 26 May 2012

Russian war drama covers Cannes with Fog

Film buffs on the glamorous French Riviera have finally found themselves in the thick of action set during WWII, orchestrated by Russian director Sergey Loznitsa, whose dark latest feature is a hot candidate for the coveted Golden Palm.

The film, based on a novel by Vasil Bykov, had its world premiere at the world's most prestigious film festival, which will close on May 27.

In The Fog is Loznitsa's uncompromising reflection on human nature, and more specifically, the Russian mentality.

Set in 1942, when much of the Soviet Union struggled under German occupation, the drama revolves around a pair of partisans, Burov and Voitik, eager to get revenge for a group of comrades arrested and executed by the Germans. They don't doubt that the only man who could possibly give the partisans away is Sushenya, a rail worker. He was also arrested, but for some reason the Germans decide to set Sushenya free. Sushenya’s treason looks evident to all, including his own wife.

There's a line in Apocalypse Now that goes, “Horror has a face. You need to make friends with horror.” In Loznitsa's film, however, horror seems to have no face whatsoever. The film's director disagrees.

“The main character has got a face. He has no place in the world, though.” Loznitsa told RT that he had wanted to make In the Fog for ten years. But it proved to be difficult to find funding for a film set during the war. The producers Loznitsa turned to didn't think In the Fog had potential.

“The producers asked me, 'who is going to watch a film set during the war?' But I was deeply touched by the novel. I thought there was something special about the story,” Loznitsa said.

The award-winning filmmaker initially made a name for himself as the creator of numerous documentaries.

Born in the former Soviet Republic of Belarus, Loznitsa grew up in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, where he majored in engineering and mathematics. Having moved to Moscow, he embarked on his second profession, that of filmmaker, which he studied at VGIK. ...

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