Thursday, 7 June 2012

Vadim Dubrovitsky: Ivanov - Иванов (2010)

Ivanov (2010)

Director/Screenplay: Vadim Dubrovitsky
Director Of Photography: Vadim Semenovyh
Cast:Alekesey Serebryakov, Anna Dubrovskaya, Eduard Martsevich, Ivan Volkov, Vladimir Ilyin

Awards : Prize Cine-Club Federation of Russia, Russian program : new feature films films, Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), Russia, 2010


The screen version of the play of A.P.Chekhov. The story of the Russian intellectual of the beginning of XX century, who is choking among a society full of platitude. During the writing of the play (it is known at least three editions), at first the author named it a comedy, and then – a drama. The tragicomedy genre – a boundary genre – in general is peculiar to Chekhov's dramatic art. Basing on it, Vadim Dubrovitsky and his actors make their film, using not only the well-known text, but also its early variants. The protagonist of this story – Ivanov – is the person who bears misfortunes to all who surrounds him. His presence, like the inexplicable misfortune, pulls down another's destinies. Ivanov isn’t even in peace with himself, and he can’t find harmony. You will see new well-known characters, you will be surprised that did not think of it earlier, and at last, you will be simply dumbfounded by the ending. ...

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Anonymous said...

I love the idea of using all three of the play's versions as source material for the film.

You make it sounds as though the ending differs from any of the versions, though. Is that so?