Sunday, 12 August 2012

Andrei Proshkin: The Horde - Орда (2012), Trailer

Director Andrei Proshkin,
Scriptwriter Yury Arabov, Composer Alexey Aygi,
Actors: Maxim Sukhanov, Alexander Yatsenko, Innokenty Dаkayarov, Fedot Lvov,

Winner Best Director & Best Actress (34th Moscow International Film Festival) (Nika Awards)

File:Maxim Suhanov and Roza Hairullina in the film "The Horde".JPG

Maxim Suhanov and Roza Hairullina

The parabolic film, The Horde, was filmed over two years. The film was sponsored by Russian Cinema Fund and the company Pravoslavnaya Entsiklopedia, which is headed by producer Sergey Kravets. It recreates the middle of the 14th century, the time of the Golden Horde. Taidula, the mother of the Great Khan, suddenly goes blind, and nobody can cure her. Her last hope lies with the Metropolitan of Moscow, Saint Alexius. He is famous for his ability to perform miracles. In truth, Alexius himself (played by Maxim Sukhanov) is skeptical about the possibility of performing a miracle and sets his hope on the will of God. The Khan promises to burn Moscow if the Bishop does not cure his mother, and Alexius is left with nowhere to turn except to try and work a miracle.

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David said...

looks like a damn good film

Chris said...

Dont suppose you know if there is a dvd of this with English Subtitles do you? :D

Zdenka Pregelj said...

No, I do not know! Sorry!

TS said...

yes, E1 is releasing this