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Grigori Aleksandrov, Aleksei Utkin: Meeting on the Elbe - Встреча на Эльбе (1949)

Meeting on the Elbe (1949)

Directors: Grigori Aleksandrov, Aleksei Utkin
Writers: Lev Shejnin, Ariadna Tur
Composer: Dmitri Shostakovich
Stars: Vladlen Davydov, Konstantin Nassonov, Boris Andreyev,Lyubov Orlova

The film is set in the early postwar days in Germany. Soviet and American troops met on the banks of the Elbe. The Soviet command tries to establish a peaceful life in the devastated Germany. Americans, however, with the help of former Nazis are trying to obtain secret military development ...

More about director of this film Grigorii Aleksandrov

Grigorii Aleksandrov (1903-1983) started out as an acrobat, entertaining Russian troops on the Western Front. Aleksandrov then went to work as an actor and stage manager at Prolekult Theater in Moscow, where he befriended the troupe's director, Sergei Eisenstein. When Eisenstein decided to give the movies a try, Alexandrov went along as screenwriter and general assistant. The two men collaborated on such silent masterpieces as Strike (1925) and Oktiabr (1925). In 1931, Aleksandrov accompanied Eisenstein to Mexico to work on the ill-fated, never-completed Qui Viva Mexico: the resultant footage didn't see light of day until Alexandrov prepared an edited version – 48 years later. Aleksandrov's first solo directorial effort was the non-narrative French short subject Romance Sentimentale (1930); two years later, he completed his first feature, Internationale. His subsequent Russian films were non-dogmatic musicals and comedies, the best of which included Jazz Comedy (1934), Circus (1936) and Volga Volga (1938). He succeeded Eisenstein as the artistic director of Mosfilm in 1944, subsequently winning multiple awards for his Mosfilm productions Spring (1947), Meeting on the Elbe (1949) and Glinka (1952). Grigorii Aleksandrov was married to popular Soviet film star Liubov Orlova.

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