Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Vladimir Karabanov: Elephant - Слон (2010)

Directed by Vladimir Karabanov
Cast: Sergey Shnurov, Anastasiya Bagrova, Yury Tsurilo, Alexandr Adаbаshiyan,

Zarezin, a semi driver, is given the task of transporting an ill circus elephant to a veterinary facility to be put down. His willing though accidental fellow traveler is the circus-performing teen girl Bonnie. Zarezin makes a decision to save the elephant with Bonnie’s help. In his turn, Bodhi the elephant helps the characters understand what the most important thing in their lives is.

Awards :
Elephant :
First prize, Cinema for children, Film Festival of CIS countries, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia "Kinoshock", Russia, 2011


pj5555 said...

great film making. this director id channeling Eisenstein. A little sentimental at the end. but the intellectual montage and camara work in general, plus the really pretty girl, how can this film not be better known?

Casey Clapsaddle said...

I loved this movie. I saw it on a united airlines flight. I cant find a way to purchase a dvd of this movie with english subtitles. Any recommendations on how/where to purchase one please contact me at sbsman69@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I also saw this film on a Untied Airlines flight and would like to purchase a DVD with subtitles, since it not available on Netflix and being shown anywhere. Any recommendation on how or where to purchase, please let me know at gpampalone@aol.com Thanks.