Saturday, 15 September 2012

Renat Davletyarov: The Steel Butterfly - Стальная бабочка (2012) - Trailer

Steel Butterfly (2012)

Director: Renat Davletyarov
Cast: Daria Melnikova , Anatoly Bely , Darya Moroz , Peter Vince

Khanin is a senior officer in a criminal investigation squad at one of Moscow’s regional police stations. He is about forty, single, without any savings, without promotion, and with almost no friends. The meaning of his life is work, in which he immerses himself. He does not notice that he gradually loses the most basic human feelings and is no longer able to empathize with his surroundings. An emergency governs the district when a serial murderer is going round. Khanin cannot predict his actions. Unexpectedly an orphan girl by the name of Plague comes to his aid. She is like Khanin in her indifference to the world around: there is nothing left in her soul but embitterment about the world. But the teamwork changes this: Khanin becomes a real friend for Plague, and she becomes the first person to whom Khanin cannot remain indifferent.

Anatoly Bely, Darya Melnikova
Anatoly Bely , Darya Melnikova 

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