Monday, 10 December 2012

Mikhail Segal: Short Stories - Рассказы (2012)

Stories (2012)

Director: Mikhail Segal
Stars: Vladislav Leshkevich, Andrey Merzlikin, Tamara Mironova

Love Novikov (II), Konstantin Yushkevich

GORIN PRIZE FOR BEST SCRIPT Michael Segal, Short stories

Love Novikov (II)

At the beginning of Mikhail Segal’s film, an author approaches a publishing house with a selection of stories and is told there is no market for them. However, as various people open the book, they each find themselves drawn into an imaginary reality. The first story tells of a wedding organiser who can fix anything, including the future, while the second traces a course from petty bribery to political duplicity. In the third, the librarian of the Pushkin Library assists the police with her psychic powers ‘just like on television’, while in the fourth, a middle-aged man’s encounters with a sexually voracious young woman are interspersed with a discussion on the history of the Soviet Union. She loves Animal Planet but knows very little about Trotsky. Segal’s elliptical satire is achieved with precision and style – a nice counterbalance to the dark masterpieces of his contemporaries.
Peter Hames

The film "Short Stories" (2012) Trailer

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