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Kira Muratova: Eternal Homecoming - Вечное возвращение (2012)

Eternal Return (2012)

Director: Kira Muratova
Stars: Oleg Tabakov, Alla Demidova, Renata Litvinova

A woman is paid a surprise visit by her long-forgotten classmate, who needs her advice: should he choose a wife or a lover? An outrageously burlesque mise-en-scène is repeated many times but each time in a different place and performed by new actors. Why?

Renata Litvinova

Kira Muratova's latest film Eternal Homecoming (2012) might be seen as an embodiment of her cinematic universe. 'Film-inside-film' composition, perpetual reprises, deconstruction of fiction, estrangement of reality as well as absurdity and melancholy – all these motifs of Muratova are taken here to extremes. But first of all it is a glorification of art and freedom of filmmaking that in case of Muratova never experienced any limits.

The title is a nod to the Nietzschean concept that all that ever was and ever shall be is now: There’s nothing new under the sun.

With her characteristic misanthropic tenderness, Muratova depicts the love of one man for two different women.

Eternal Return (2012)

We see several couples – of different ages, characters and occupations – all confronting the audience with the same scenario, in which a man meets up with a former classmate and, even from the doorway, begins to smother her in his mountains of doubts. Whom should he choose if he loves them both? Toward the end of the film, it turns out that all these scenes are just screen-tests that the film’s producer is showing to a potential sponsor. On-screen suffering is just a route to getting out the hankies – and the cash. ...

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