Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Andrey Bogatyrev: Judas - Иуда (2012) - Trailer

Director: Andrey Bogatyrev
Writer: Vsevolod Benigsen
Stars: Ivan Dobronravov, Sergey Frolov, Aleksey Shevchenkov

Alexei Shevchenkov, Best Actor award of the Moscow International Film Festival

Judas, a seasoned thief, finds himself in the market square where Christ is giving a sermon and his apostles are collecting alms. He follows them and steals their money, only to be caught red-handed. Nevertheless, the Teacher forgives him. What is more, He invites the thief to become one of His followers and offers him a position as the group’s treasurer. Shocked by Christ’s unexpected offer, Judas decides to join the apostles, if only to figure out what is going on. He gradually starts to comprehend Christ’s message, but feels that the apostles are blindly following their teacher. Judas argues with them, and tries to defend his right to divine the truth of God. But when he fails to make them understand, he realizes that Christ’s teachings may sink into oblivion without benefiting humanity. His solution is to betray Christ. “By killing a man, have I not saved a God?”

“Judas” press-conference June 22, 2013

Andrey Bogatyrev has started the conversation by mentioning that he had read the book “Judas Iscariot” by Leonid Andreev while studying at the All-Russian State University of Cinematography named after S. Gerasimov. “Young people often start looking for philosophical concepts. In fact people experienced the wisest time in the adolescence and in the anility. That is why I decided to make the film now. It’s high time for profound talk. Many aspects of life is not that simple as they seem to be. We should strive for touching the ground of the history”. According to the director the film-making process turned out to be his own emotional and art experience.

Aleksey Shevchenkov noted that Judas role posed his first comprehend work in his professional career: “It was long-expected event of my life” - said the actor.

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