Saturday, 12 October 2013

Taisa Igumentseva: Bite the Dust - Отдать концы (2013)

Director: Taisa Igumentseva
Cast: Irina Denisova, Sergey Abroskin, Yola Sanko, Maksim Vitorgan, Alina Sergeeva, Dmitry Kulichkov, Anna Rud, Yuris Lautsinsh

In a tiny village everybody knows each other. The elderly shepherd Vasilich devotes all his time to the cow Konfeta, looking at it like a child at a sweet. The lonely old woman Zina curses the government. Some married women zealously eye each others’ husbands. Local inventor Ivan entertains the children with clever bits. One day some terrible news arrives: the television informs about the most powerful coronary emission in Earth’s history. In a day, mankind would be lost. Having recovered from the first shock, the villagers figure out their own special way of saying goodbye to life: to make a holiday for the whole world. Tables are moved, pies baked, some people pluck up their last courage and decide on important things in their life. But the end does not come... The situation gets heated. People understand that they cannot live any more the way they have done before...

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