Saturday, 14 December 2013

Jora Kryzhovnikov aka Andrei Pershin: Bitter - Горько (2013)

Горько! (2013)

Director: Jora Kryzhovnikov
Starring: Sergey Svetlakov, Jan Tsapnik, Julia Aleksandrova, Jegor Koreshkov, Sergey Lavigin, Danila Jakushev

Roman and Natalie is a young and progressive couple who dream about European wedding on the shore of the sea, but Natalie’s step father has a different plan for the wedding. Arrogant city official thinks that he can use this occasion to jump start his own career and he will do everything according to his plan. The young couple will spend unforgettable night in the restaurant called Golden where boring traditional wedding events are going to be observed. They have no choice but to have their dream wedding secretly without conservative parents. Unfortunately, two different weddings become one because of the silly mistake.

A new film about a drunken, provincial wedding party has become Russia’s most talked-about movie of the year as film as the subject matter hits a sensitive spot for Russians. 

Opinions on the film "Gorko!" from little-known director Zhora Kryzhovnikov are divided, with some saying they were offended, and others saying they loved it. 

Filmmakers promoted “Gorko!” as a romantic comedy, and the tagline for the film’s advertisements appeared to be an innocent, light comedy.

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