Thursday, 9 January 2014

Vladimir Basov: The Blizzard - Метель (1964)

Director: Vladimir Basov
Writers: Alexander Pushkin (short story "Metel" from volume "Povest Belkina"), Vladimir Basov
Stars: Valentina Titova, Georgiy Martynyuk, Oleg Vidov

A screen version of A.S. Pushkin’s poetic novel under the same name.

Snowstorm (1964)

This romantic drama set after the War of 1812 is taken from the classic story by Alexander Pushkin. Vladimir (Oleg Vidov) is a young officer who settles in a small town. He falls for Maria (Valentina Titova), the pretty daughter of a widow (Maria Pastukhova) from whom he rents a room. Neither are able to commit to each other until he is called away for active duty during the cold winter. The music was provided by the gifted composer Georgy Sviridov and received heavy airplay on the radio and in concerts.

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