Saturday, 15 February 2014

Alexandr Mitta: Chagall - Malevich - Шагал-Малевич (2014)

Director: Alexandr Mitta
Cast: Kristina Schneiderman, Leonid Bichevin

The movie is about two geniuses which were caught up by fate in the 1918 - 1921 in Vitebsk. It’s about their uneasy relationship and about Malevich’s struggle for young minds.

Alexander Mitta explains: “Chagall-Malevich” are two opposite figures both in terms of humanity and regarding attitude to their students. The plot is rich in sharp turns. Chagall takes care of his students, just like Mikhail Romm once cared for us, his students. Malevich treats them like soldiers, who have to punch the ideas of abstract art. He perfectly understood, who he was, whereas Chagall was an intellectual”.

More here and here. 

Stepan Agapov

According to critics, "Chagall, Malevich" is one of the most anticipated premiere of this year.

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