Monday, 2 November 2015

Olga Narutskaya: Tamara Alexandrovna's husband and daughter - Муж и дочь Тамары Александровны (1988)

Director: Olga Narutskaya
Writer: Nadezhda Kozhushanaya
Stars: Aleksandr Galibin, Anna Bazhenova, Valentina Malyavina

Alexander Galibin

Teenaged Katia (Anna Bazhenova) has been living in Moscow with her divorced mother Tamara, but when her mother has to go to the hospital for an operation, she briefly moves in with her boyish father Valeri (Aleksandr Galibin), whom she hasn't gotten to know very well before this. At first he is delighted to have a new playmate, and their reunion is delightful. It looks as though she might stay with him for a good while. However, he soon finds the responsibility of having another person in his life too wearing, and asks her to move back in with her mother. Meanwhile, Katia has been exploring her feelings for the opposite sex, but she has chosen the wrong boys and is nearly raped. She flees, but the frustrated boys seek out and savagely beat her father.

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